Insurance Companies in Switzerland

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Insurance Companies in Switzerland
Switzerland is known for its efficiency. It is therefore no surprise that its healthcare system is one of the best in the world. The system is administered by each state of the Swiss confederation, known as a canton, and is a seamless solution that brings the public and private sectors together. Individual health insurance is compulsory for all residents, and there is no free healthcare. Waiting times are short, but like many things in Switzerland, it can be expensive. The Swiss generally speak German, French or Italian depending on where one is based, but English is spoken widely too.

The financial market in Switzerland is well developed as well as well equipped. In the same direction, Switzerland insurance sector has grown very fast. The average penetration on insurance in the country has grown at a faster rate in the region.

The Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) has been acting as the regulatory body in the insurance sector of Switzerland.

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Swiss Insurance Companies
Leading insurance companies including both life and non-life insurance are covered here on the basis of written premiums.

Major life insurance companies in Switzerland are as follows
✔ Winterthur Leben Insurance
✔ Rentenanstalt Insurance
✔ Basler Leben Insurance
✔ Zurich Leben Insurance
✔ Allianz Suisse Leben Insurance
✔ Pax Insurance

Major non-life insurance companies in Switzerland are as follows
✔ Zurich Insurance
✔ Swiss Mobilar Insurance
✔ Allianz Suisse Insurance
✔ CSS Insurance
✔ Visana Insurance
✔ Swiss National Insurance

Emergency services
Ambulance services are not fully covered by the basic Swiss health insurance, and expats can avoid a surprise bill by taking note of this. Most hospitals have accident and emergency departments, and having proof of medical insurance on one’s person at all times is strongly recommended. An ambulance can be reached by calling 144 or on the general European emergency number, 112.

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